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My Country does not offer AP Class, what should I do?

I'm a high school sophomore and I'm trying to calculate my chances of getting into my dream school. The only problem is AP class aren't offered here. I feel like I've hit a dead end. There is no way to know what I can improve on without a correct chancing. Is there any equivalent to AP, or my chances lower if I do no AP at all? Does not having AP means my application isn't competitive at all?

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Hi @Jay12

In your situation, My school doesn’t offer AP classes.

You've not limited to the classes your school offers. If your high school doesn’t offer a specific AP course like calculus or physics (or any at all), you can take AP courses online or at a local college (you’d just need to find out if there are any approved dual enrollment programs at colleges in your area.) Hope this Helps Good Luck!!! Ask any other questions

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First, it is completely fine if you don’t have AP classes because most of the top schools consider your application in context of what opportunities you had. This means, if your country or school doesn’t offer AP classes, that is completely fine because you didn’t have the opportunity to begin with. Conversely, if a student’s school did offer AP classes and they never took any, that’s worse than taking all the hardest, toughest, most rigorous classes you could at your school as they are offered/available to you.

I know in Britain, they have A-levels and internationally (not necessarily country specific) there is also the IB program.

As long as you’ve taken the hardest or most of the hardest classes at your school, done well in them, and have proven that you can handle advanced coursework, you should be fine.

Also, don’t forget SAT/ACT scores (though many have gone test blind) and keeping your GPA (or equivalent) up!

Hope this helps. Good luck!


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