3 months ago
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Whats the best thing to do in order to prepare for common app since its opening soon

I know supplemental essay prmopts get released on august 1st, I have a chart and I'm trying to get even more organized possible. I know that they are one of the most important parts of the college application. Is there anything else I should do or that I'm missing? (fafsa, other things, etc.


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3 months ago

Hi @Victorious446

The CommonApp opens on August first for those ready to apply to college. So my recommendation is to look at the applications for this year as (and to correct @zucchini) CommonApp resets the 2020-2021 applications on July 28th. What you would then do is answer all the personal questions about yourself/your family background then you set up the test scores you have and before all this make sure you fill out the FAFSA or if it applies to you then the TASFA. Then essays and check on recommendation letters from your teachers or counselor whoever you choose to do so and finally make sure to apply to scholarships and you should be good. Hope this helps Good Luck!!!

3 months ago

I personally have been preparing (organization wise) by organizing most of my important documents in a drive. I have one to keep track of application deadlines, essay count, and my college list. Try to also work on your activities if you haven't already and keep it in a separate document since the CommonApp resets in August.


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