3 years ago
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Circumstances affecting my grades

I’m currently rising sophomore in high school and I just received my grades. However, during the start of my freshmen year, I had a lot of circumstances which affected my grades. With receiving a C for English (I am currently asking for my teacher to check it again), would it heavily affect my chances to get into college ? I am planning to major in STEM and I was not able to access to all of the resources that everybody had in school. The English class that I took is the highest level of English that was offered in my school. On the other hand, I received a mixture of A’s and B’s for my other subjects. I would be amazing if you can help out !

[🎤 AUTHOR]@xinqi3 years ago

I hope your grades will improve ! Wish you all the best

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3 years ago

It depends on your overall grades. I understand getting grades that are lower than usual. Some steps you can take:

1. GET A COPY OF YOUR UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT! Figure out your class rank and GPA. You never know how badly it affected your GPA/class rank until you check.

2. Look at which colleges you want to attend. It would make a huge difference to an Ivy League school, whereas a state school might generally accept students with your current GPA.

3. Figure out how hard you are willing to work to improve your GPA. You are a sophomore, it's not over yet! You have two years to improve your GPA! I don't know if your school offers AP/IB/Dual Credit courses and weighted GPA, but if so, taking those classes (if you get good grades) could help your GPA recover.

4. This is slightly unrelated, but might still help you. My older sister had some health issues that affected her ability to perform well in school. I don't know what the circumstances were that affected your grades, but you could apply for 504 accommodations (if it was linked to a disability, like with my sister). The accommodations could help you get more help from teachers. Also, my sister won several scholarships from writing essays about how she overcame the adversity of your health problems. You could turn the story of how you overcame the unfortunate 'circumstances' into a great story colleges and scholarship donors would love!

3 years ago


Don t worry about it!

what I recommend you to do is explain in aditional information what your circumstances were so it makes sense.

Good luck!

3 years ago

This really won’t affect your grade too much. As long as u continue to take higher level courses in high school, it should lightly affect it if it even does at all.

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