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CommonApplication 650-Word Essay Idea - Disabilities


I am a rising senior living in Thailand. I am trying to start my college essays as soon as possible, but as most of you know, it is kind of hard trying to come up with sufficient and interesting ideas that are unique to me.

The first idea that came to my mind was my disability. My disability is not something very major, such as being blind, being completely deaf, or being unable to walk.

My disability is actually kind of minor. I am half-deaf. I can't hear from my right ear, which is not a big deal because I can hear very clearly what people are saying, unless they are sitting to my right in the cafeteria or the movie theater, or when we are playing the game 'Telephone.'

It still made me a little depressed and devastated when I realized I'm different. I don't know when this whole thing started because the doctors said it was not a congenital hearing loss. I have never been very ill when I was younger, and I was never in a major accident, so I have no idea how I got my hearing loss.

I kept it as a secret from my family and friends until 4th grade, when I moved to a new school, and this school required a hearing test. The nurses informed my parents and they came to school to pick me up and we went to the hospital for a further check up.

Apparently, I had a mild hearing loss in my right ear.

I was always one of the shortest girls in my class, and I was very sensitive about my height, especially because my close friends were not very nice about it.

I also have asthma and other allergies which my younger sister does not have.

I also have some mild migraines and shoulder/neck problem so I can't look at the computer screen or sit for long.

I was basically comparing myself to other people. They seemed so normal. I was not normal.

Things got better as I learned to deal with it as I grew older. Now I am fine telling others about my hearing loss. I wouldn't necessarily tell them, though, unless I had too.

For the college essay, I was thinking of writing about my hearing loss and connecting with my listening skills and me playing the violin. For example, the first 100 words could be about my hearing loss (how my family found out about the hearing loss, with an interesting hook sentence, and some kind of story about me feeling very devastated about this disability that I have). Then the next 300 words could about how I was able to use that hearing loss to listen to others more because I know how valuable it is to have a normally-functioning ear. People with normal hearing do not realize how important and precious it is to be able to hear their friend's voice, their family's laugh, their teacher's lectures. I know it because I am always scared that one day I might lose my left hearing as well. I was also a very quiet, shy girl, so I could maybe talk about how I was able to listen to my friends and family when they needed help. Then, the next 200 words could be about how I also play the violin and teach violin to orphan since music also has to do with hearing. The last 50 words could be a nice concluding sentence about my insight.

Does this seem like a good idea?


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so it really depends in what type of essay do you want to write, I think is the " overcome a situation or learning to love yourself or discovering about yourself

1 What happen

2 What you did

3 What you learn

In college essay waht happne is important since show what you overcome but thats not the big point, they don t want to ear sad stories, lots of people been through a lot so you want to show you are different. What makes you unique?

How did you overcome those insecurities?

How have you changed?

Did you use those things that make you different?

Your circumstances shaped you, what are you want to do next? Whats your purpose?

Why is relevant your problem?

and finally what you learn?

Good luck!!!


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