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Should I mention that I am from a really under-represented part of my country? If yes, how?

I'm from India and from a really under-represented and economically poor region of India. We basically have almost zero facilities or amenities for students(in my state). On top of that, I come from an financially poor family which has inevitably been one of the reasons for lack of opportunities(summer programs I couldn't attend, Model UN I couldn't go to, online/offline courses I couldn't take etc.). I have also faced racisms all my life inside my own country (the situation is kind of like BLM although not nearly as big as that).

I think It'd not be very fair to compare me with majority of other Indian applicants who usually spend tens and thousands of dollars in schools and other opportunities while I studied in a government-funded public school.

Is there any way I can mention this in my application and will the AOs actually care about this?

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I’m not exactly sure but at least domestically a lot of schools will send thier school belrochure for lack of a better word that details class available s etc so if you have no APs it should say in that report

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Yes, you can explain your situation in your common app essay cause It will be very unique for AO to hear about your story and difficulty in a different part of the globe but make sure to end the essay in a way that shows, you overcame that difficulty. so, AOs will think, you were busy figuring your problem out rather than you didn't try to do EC stuff and if you have another topic to write in your common App, use the additional information section of the Common App

BTW, you can take IMUN which is an online MUN, and it's not as expansive as other MUNs. also, I am not affiliated with them, just giving you a bit of advice.

Please give me the best answer as I need it immediately

3 months ago

Hey @unior! Yes, you can definitely mention this on your application because it’ll show AOs that despite your circumstances and difficulties, you still worked hard, persevered, and took a lot of initiative! By the way, your extracurriculars sound very impressive so props to you for accomplishing so much!!

If you feel like being from an underrepresented part of your country has had a significant impact on your life and without including it, admissions officers wouldn’t be able to understand you and your life so far, then you can mention it in your common app essay. On the other hand, if you feel like this is just something you want to touch on to show admissions officers that you were able to overcome adverse circumstances, then you can include it in the additional information section. Check out our blog post for more information on things you can include in the additional information section: https://blog.collegevine.com/additional-information-about-commonapps-additional-information-section/ .

Hope this helps!


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