3 months ago
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Should I put my job on my common application?

I work construction and I don’t think that this has any correlation to anything on my application, is it still worth it to put it on or no?


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3 months ago[edited]

Yes, you should list and describe your construction job on the Common App. Working, whether tutoring, working at McDonald's, 7-11, or on a construction site is still working. Not all HS seniors have the luxury of just test prepping or taking classes or attending summer programs during breaks or with their free time during school.

There is nothing to be concerned about or ashamed of presenting your whole self. I have read of some HS students getting accepted by Harvard and other Ivys where their main EC was working at McDonald's all through HS to help support their families.

Since your application will be reviewed holistically taking all your information into consideration, it's best not to leave anything out because you really don't know how they determine who they want in their incoming Freshman class.

Good luck.


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