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What can I do to showcase who I am and what I like without seaming unfocused?

I'm an international senior from Brazil, and a great part of my profile is my love for learning and teaching languages and STEM. To back up that profile I have 6 years of volunteering as a tutor at a nonprofit and was a Teacher Assistant during all of HS in both areas, I'm fluent in 3 languages and am learning 3 more, I have math olympiad, online courses, a computer technician degree, and my rec letters are from my Spanish and Tech teachers. The thing is, I'm worried that my "resume" is all over the place. What can I do to showcase who I am and what I like without seaming unfocused?

P.S.: I do have other ECs and Stats focused on the leadership, volunteering, and other parts of my profile (Student Government, Small Business, Sunday School Teacher, School Spirit, and I probably will be Valedictorian) but I'm not that worried about those because they kinda work with everything.


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3 years ago


I think it's amazing you can do all of this! You have so many things going for you!

Now coming to your question, I think connecting all your EC's with a theme will help.

For example, a student doing pre-med can demonstrate that the volunteering helped the student become more compassionate, learning several languages helped the student communicate with others in times of need, and being a teacher assistant helped the student offer help to others and understand their issues.

In the above example, I have connected all your EC's with a single theme; Pre-med. Now it shows the Admissions officer, you have done all your EC's with one goal in your mind. It exhibits your curiosity to learn and who you are, without seeming too unfocused. It also shows you are orderly and have your goal in mind.

Hope this helps. (:

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