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What is a good SAT Spanish score for the Ivy League?

I just got my SAT Spanish result and it was a 700. I'm an international student from Brazil and the test day I took the SAT II was the last one ever. Since I'm not required to send my score this year, should I do it anyway or will it do more damage than anything? On that note, what is the lowest score that I should submit?


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3 months ago

A 700 is about a 53rd% percentile score for Spanish Listening and 61st% for Spanish Reading. A rule of thumb is you want to submit at least a 70th% percentile score. For SAT II Spanish that would be a 740. So although 700 sounds high, 47% of test-takers scored a higher grade in listening and 39% scored higher in reading.

In Math Level II, for example, the 70th% is a 790, so that's what most people aim to get.

Here's a link with all the SAT II tables.



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