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My school doesn’t have AP classes

I’m in the french system and my school doesn’t give me the possibility of taking APs. The equivalent would be something we only have in junior and senior year and I’m limited to 2 in junior year and 1 in senior year. Do you think it is going to be a problem on my applications ? Is it possible that I get rejected because of it ?

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3 years ago

Okay, so don't get yourself down. There are some things to consider:

1. The Internet can be very useful. Example: You may be able to take those AP courses you want/need online.

2. Admission officers won't necessarily discredit you for not having AP courses available. The thing is, though, AP courses go toward college credit, so if I know how it works, and I'm not saying this is accurate, you may be in college to get a degree much longer than you would normally get if you took AP classes in high school. High schools offer AP classes so that the student doesn't have to wait to major in what they want because they have to take those classes in college.

It's not the end of the world, and if anything, reach out to a guidance counselor at school or keep reaching out to this community because there are folks here who would love to help you, and we're always here. ALSO, remember, you are compared to the folks in your SCHOOL, not the country, or world. Take what IS offered to you, and do everything you can. Even your words, effort, and goals can be what stand out to admission officers. Best of luck.

3 years ago[edited]

Colleges tend to judge your application and course rigor based on what was available to you in your school. If you are not a senior (i.e. this year isn't your last year of high school) then I'd suggest you self-study and take the AP test.

If you ARE a senior, don't worry much. Colleges will understand.

Hope this helps. Welcome to the community!

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