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I want to be a surgeon, so would it improve my chances if I took more than 2 science APs next year

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3 years ago

Actually, it doesn't matter very much these days because successful admits into Medical Schools come from all different kinds of colleges and majors. At one time, some people would argue that you should study Biology, Chemistry, or Anatomy as a major in undergraduate school but these days, there are just as many admitted with disparate majors successfully getting into top medical schools. While it's true that 80% of doctors study some biological science undergrad, what you study doesn't affect your admit rates into Medical School.


Your best chances of getting into a Top Medical School are improved if you attend a Top undergraduate college. So the thing you should focus on is to get admitted to a top 20-30 college. Often more than not, successful admits have 7-11 AP courses under their belt as HS coursework and achieve an average of 4s on their AP tests. Some top colleges fully expect you to take 4 years of science during high school and more often than not some of these will be AP Bio, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Env. Science.

So taking more APs helps you get into a better college. And attending a better college improves your odds of getting into a better medical school. But you still have to do the work in college and get close to straight As and an MCAT score of 515 to 520 to get into a Top 20 Medical school.

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