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Do I have to take AP courses related to my major ?

I am applying as a psychology major, do I have to choose my AP classes to be related to psychology or does it not matter ? For exemple can I take art history and business ?


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3 months ago

Not at all! Most colleges accept AP credit to fulfill gen ed requirements, so even if you take an AP English class, it would help your degree plan because (if you pass), you would get some gen ed out of the way, take classes you are more interested in, and/or graduate faster!

3 months ago

To give a very brief answer no.

Long answer If anything you should take unrelated courses. Colleges love rigor as it shows you’ll be successful at the college level and colleges want that so you become an alum donator etc. Since so many schools have Gen Ed requirements you can not only get college credit in HS you also show you can handle rigor in multiple fields and you aren’t in essence a one trick pony. However if you can only take AP Computer Science or AP Pysch you probably should take AP Pysch.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!

3 months ago[edited]

What Courses Do I Take For My Major?

Here are some Basic Courses that you can take for your Major but remember your major might be a little different so that is why I recommend filling this out on the CollegeBoard website which recommends you courses based on your selections on this survey. (Link is below)


A common question is Do I have to take these courses for my Major? or Can I take some other classes I want to take?

I would say go for it because those AP Courses may come in handy later on as a Plan B in case your Plan A doesn't work out. In my case, I took AP CSA, AP Psychology, AP World History, APUSH, Physics 1, AP Biology, AP Lang, and AP Spanish Lang. This coming school year as a rising senior I plan on taking AP Chem, AP Micro, AP Gov, and AP Lit. I plan to study PreMed but looking at these courses you'd wonder other than the sciences why the STEM and Arts. Because in my Plan B I plan on using the Coding/CSA and language to help me better impact the world through my practice as a future physician.


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