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ROTC Colleges - Only 2 years JROTC- Will that affect my application chances?

I am currently a rising senior in high school and have only taken 2 years of JROTC in freshman and sophomore years but I want to apply to West Point. Will that affect my application? Also, if you have tips on running 1-mile straight, please do let me know :'). Plus any advice on applying to ROTC programs would be great too!

P.S. I do not see any ROTC colleges or ROTC related-posts on Collegevine. Why is that lol- or is it simply because not many people are interested in army programs :|


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3 months ago

Hey @betsyz! Thanks for reaching out about this. While I don't believe 2 years of JROTC will negatively impact your admissions chances, I'd suggest exploring some additional ROTC programs or service involved EC's to help show your interest and leadership potential outside of the classroom. Things like community service or service projects can definitely demonstrate your commitment to helping others!

As you may know, West Point is quite selective with a 10% acceptance rate. The admissions process is pretty involved and the academic components (SAT, essays, grades, etc.) are just as important. I've shared some info on ROTC programs and CV blog posts with insight on admissions! We're aware of the little resources we have on ROTC programs, and we hope to introduce more in the near future!

I hope this helps!




3 months ago

Hi! West Point is an extremely hard school to get into. I'd suggest some of the other military colleges, such as:

- The Citadel

- US Army War College

- Virginia Military Institute

- Texas A&M

I fully encourage you to apply but consider other backup options.

Also, for the running thing, do day intervals of sprints one day and long distance with some weights the next, and so one. Weights as in a weighted vest, ankle weights, just some extra weight to strengthen your muscles. Don't stop, even if you're tired, just do a slow jog or walk if necessary, but definitely don't stop. Every little bit counts, and don't get discouraged if you don't see results right away. Just keep at it and you'll improve over time, everyone's different. Hope this helps, good luck!


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