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Is my Volunteer Work good enough for a hook?

For context: I'm a senior from a small town in Brazil.

Since 7th grade, I've been involved with volunteer work, especially as a tutor/teacher/teacher assistant. I started as a Portuguese and Math tutor at a local Christian nonprofit that works with disadvantaged kids and their families; years later, I started tutoring English and giving Biblical lessons. Since then, besides tutoring, I also help with other kinds of work, including bazaars, monthly food drives, clothes giveaways, and many others. This July I was a sports/competitions coordinator at their Winter Camp (our winter, your summer), the same will happen again in November.

At school, I've been a volunteer TA for my Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Bio classes. I'm also a part of a School Government/School Spirit/Community Service association called Youth Protagonists (YPs). As a YP I help the school faculty and community better themselves through student-driven projects, I also coordinate the Orientation Week alongside the other 15 YPs.

I'm asking this because I'm worried that, to focus on Community Service/Volunteer Work, I'd have to found a nonprofit or something like that.

Is this part of my profile not good enough because I only participate in things that already exist instead of creating something, or do my activities show enough leadership skills?

PS.: To be a TA and a YP I had to compete with other students, but to be a volunteer of that nonprofit I only had to sign up, the responsibilities came because of demonstrated capacities.

PS2.: I know that CollegeVine has their chancing calculator, but I thought this situation was quite specific.

PS3.: I'm also my Church's Sunday School Teacher, but I'm not sure if that counts as Volunteering.

@mathgeek3 months ago [edited]

hey, I think all of these are really great volunteer activities, but that depends on your major if you want to major in something relating to community I think you just reach the mark. But if your major is STEM these are much more than enough.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@dav.mc3 months ago

Thank you, I'm going to apply as an undecided/neuroscience major, hope it is enough. I can't accept your answer because you commented instead of answering, but you helped me all the same.

@mathgeek3 months ago

glad I could help but just to clarify-i'm assuming you have other stem ECs and these are just an add-on or are these your ECs only?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@dav.mc3 months ago

I do have other ECs, I just didn't include them in the question because I really wanted to know about those specifically.

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3 months ago

Good question. It's great that you're so involved in so many volunteer and community service activities! Whether or not you found your own non-profit, this part of your profile is definitely strong and will look good on your college applications. That said, to build a real "spike" in this area, you'd probably want at least one or two self-driven projects and/or an award or scholarship the recognizes your significant contributions to your school and community. Whether its starting a non-profit, creating your own tutoring agency, organizing an initiative that helps raise money or awareness for a cause, or doing some kind of self-driven advocacy work, any of these things could help bring your profile to the next level.

Also, assuming you're not being paid, being a Sunday School Teacher at Church does sound like a volunteer activity to me.


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