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Hi, I'm not from Montenegro and I go to medical high school, can I apply for any university?

Hello. I'm non-EU student and I go to medical high school. I really want to go to university in America but I don't knoe how can I get good grades on SAT, ACT and TOEFL. I want to study somewhere in Vermont so could you please tell me can I apply for any university?

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2 years ago

Hello, i am a u.s. student, and yes, you can apply to a us university, out of the 141 accredited medical schools, only 49 are American medical schools that accept international students. So my recommendation is to make sure that your GPA and application pops more than the rest. The TOEFL is necessary if English is not your first language, like if your first was french or Spanish or anything else, you'd have to take the TOEFL. While yes, i understand that you would like to attend a american university, Apply to at least 3 in state. There may be SAT and act practice dates that will be offered your junior sophomore year. Also try to take it more than once. Join a sport or club that you have exceptional talent in. Colleges love that. An advantage that you have is that you already attend a Vocational school where you study some sort of medicine. Take my advice seriously. Hope this answered your question.


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