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If I'm a history major when I get into the college of arts and sciences, can I take, let's say, statistics/data science/cs (if this school's cs major belongs to the college of arts and sciences) classes as a freshman?

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I think it depends on the school. My top choice lets all students take whatever classes they want out side of their major if they can fit it into their schedule. Another few schools on my list have competitive majors so certain classes are reserved for people required to take them for their major. Most schools however so have space for you to take one or two classes a term out side of your major.

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hey, you may be able to take introductory classes (with permission from the instructor) in cs if you have a different major. but for core classes you will have to take pre-requisite courses involving math(mostly calculus), physics and sometimes other cs introductory courses and earn enough credits in them, now to get into these introductory courses if your a different major you'll have to either have permission from the instructor or may be able to sit them without any requisites, but every college has different requirements. I don't think all of these will go hand in hand with your history courses and may hamper your grades. If you are really interested in cs I'd recommend you switch your major (which may be hard in a competitive school since they have a lot of pre-reqs.) or since you haven't applied yet maybe apply as a cs major? if you can't you can mostly take the courses you need to and make the switch. I think every college has different requirements for this so I'd suggest you take a look at their website. good luck and hope this helps.

3 months ago

So I will say Im not an expert however a lot of schools allows for an exploratory program which is in essence is undecided. This lets you take classes in various areas to determine what you’d like to major in. This isn’t available at all schools however but being undecided wouldn’t affect your 8 semster in most circumstances. Not sure how it affects what college CS is in.

However another option is if you forgive the freshman requirement almost all schools have spare time typically in last 2 years where you can take CS classes and this isn’t reliant on being in the same college.

Lastly you could minor in it which adds added certification and almost all name recognizable school can easily have a pathway for a minor within 4 years.

Please note one huge caveat is some schools have extremely strict major changing requirements. Either one of the ivies or MIT has it so you have to all but retake the pre reqs so definitely look at each school individually.


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