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What should I do if my school doesn't offer AP/IB or Honors classes?

I am enrolled in an Indian-curriculum based school which doesn't offer AP, IB or any sort of Honors class. Which means that I am lagging behind on the course work section of my resume. My extra curriculars and GPA are good, but my course work definitely needs some help. Any advice on what to do??

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3 months ago


I know, hard to believe.

Colleges look at what is available in your school and if you have taken the hardest courses offered there. If yes, you're fine.

I would say that even if you have the chance to take AP, IB, honor exams (by self-studying), don't. You can use that time to make your essays better and to just get a little bit further in the application process.

There is actually an article (I forgot the website so cannot provide you the link) where AOs said that they don't actually care if you have taken AP/IB/Honor exams OUTSIDE OF YOUR SCHOOL. They want to see your performance inside the classroom. So don't worry much about it. You're fine.

[Note: Whatever I have said above applies only if you don't have AP/Honor/IB classes offered in your school.]

3 months ago

The most important thing isn't the total number of APs or IBs. Rather, it's just that you took the most competitive courses your school offers. Some students attend schools that offer only one course pathway to everyone. If that's your only option, that's totally fine.

Of course, you can always supplement your coursework with some online courses (IE. Coursera or edX), summer programs, or with classes at a local college or university. However, unless your grades in these courses will be factored into your GPA (which I assume they won't, unless your school has some kind of dual enrollment program), they won't be as important as your high school classes. I'd mostly seek out these kinds of opportunities if you find yourself bored or not challenged in school, or if there is a specific subject you'd like to study that your school doesn't offer.


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