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My college essay topic is about genealogy and how it helped me discover an ancestor of mine, Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland. In the middle parts, I talk about how I reached this conclusion and how it strengthened my curiosity and zeal for learning and discovery. Also, all of this happened because I took a 23andMe DNA test and it came back saying that I had more Scottish DNA than that of Irish. This was very strange because I’ve been told my whole life that my 4th great grandfather is Irish. Is this a good essay topic overall? What will this show about me as a student?


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I feel like this essay topic would show that you are interested in your family heritage and that (at least in my opinion) you are interested in something that most people your age wouldn't be interested in. This essay topic would be especially helpful if you are going into history (especially if you talk about specific birth/marriage/death/census records).

You might have already explored these sites, but if you haven't I LOVE using Family Search and Ancestry to explore my family history. Ancestry is more popular, but there is generally a fee. Family Search is free, though! If you're interested: https://www.familysearch.org/en/

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In general, the topic is normal.

But maybe it makes sense to find some topics here: https://www.archives.gov/research/genealogy/topics ?

Maybe something will be interesting for you.


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