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Do colleges use the unweighted GPA or the weighted GPA?

ex. if a person is #7 in unweighted, but #9 in weighted......How does that weigh in college choice?

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3 months ago

Most if not all colleges use unweighted GPAs to evaluate applicants. Not all students provide or submit UWGPAS because their HS's might use a 100 point system or only WGPAs or something else. I'm aware of some private schools using a 7.0 or 11.0 GPA scale. And I understand that your school if has different ranks depending on which GPA is used.

Nevertheless, colleges are experts at converting these GPAs to base unweighted GPAs since they have been doing this since the beginning of time, in some cases 250 years.

To answer your question, if a person has a different class rank based on whether their school uses a UWGPA vs. WGPA then the college would use the a.) UWGPA and the corresponding b.) Class Rank.

Hope that helps.


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