3 years ago
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Advanced Medical Internship

Hello everyone

I am in a dilemma right now and I need advice. I was recently informed by a friend about the Advanced Medical and Public Health Program.

It seems to be a valuable personal experience and gives me an idea of what it is like to be a doctor and diagnose a patient. However, it is $2000.

Here is the link


Could someone please tell me if it has any value in the college admissions process? Does it help for college and will it help me stand out?

Let me know



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2 answers

3 years ago

Like all pay to play, or pay to learn for-profit programs, these have limited benefits because they are not merit-based or something you did on your own, like calling up a family friend who is a physician and asking them to job shadow for a day or two. If you were able to get a scholarship for this and do the program for free, that would be better than paying $2,250.

Just like those summer immersion programs where you pay up to $10,000 for summer school at a college, I don't think that really shows evidence of course rigor or adds much to your application. It would be much better to use the money to get 6 to 9 college credits or travel abroad for 2 months and learn a language in that country.

3 years ago

Excellent question. @CameronBameron is totally correct in asserting that free or stipended summer programs are generally more selective and thus more prestigious than paid programs. Paying a lot for summer program (IE. $2,250 for 2 weeks) does often mean that the program won't be particularly selective. This is not always the case, of course. There are a few expensive programs that are particularly well-known and thus still competitive - I am assuming that this particular program isn't in this category, though.

That said, even if a program isn't competitive, it can still add plenty of value to your admissions profile. At the very least, it will mean you were productive during your summer and sought out meaningful, career-building work/internship experience in your field of choice. It might also be a great source of material for your college essays. In various supplemental essays, you may need to discuss why you're potentially interested in pursuing a college major in a science or in public health, why you're pursuing a pre-med pathway, why you're interested in a medical or medical-adjacent career, how you spent your recent summers, or an important extracurricular experience you had.

It does also seem that students can get scholarships to this program, so I'd definitely apply and see what they offer you. In terms of whether or not you attend, I'd decide based on whether the program is ultimately affordable for you and your family and how interested you are in it. If this kind of work is particularly appealing to you and this is a one-of-a-kind-type opportunity, it definitely might be worth its price tag for you.

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