3 months ago
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Will CBSE to IBDP transition not be easy or will harm the the college application?

I am a grade 10 student studying in the CBSE board in India can I transition into IBDP after 10th without harming the College Application?

Will appreciate a descriptive reply?


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3 months ago

Hey Vedant!

I'm Indian so I guess I can answer this question for you.

Transitioning into IBDP will actually be beneficial for you in terms of your college applications. The CBSE board is focused on Indian College System and IBDP is more focused on the international application process. So just going to an IB school will open lots of doors for you (IBDP students tend to have better ECs than CBSE students just because CBSE schools rarely put effort into ECs, you get to have extra college credits with the IBDP curriculum, etc.)

So, if you think you can handle the transition yourself (i.e. it won't hurt your grades), I'd say it's definitely a good option to think about.


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