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Common App problem

I have an issue with finishing my Common App profile because I need a fee waiver and main problems are:

1. I don't have a counselor in my school

2. All people from my school administration who can substitute counselor don't know English.

Should I ask my English teacher to be a counselor? I'm really lost right now.


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Accepted Answer
3 months ago

If your English teacher has full access to your academic files from 9th to 12th grade including all your transcripts etc, and can speak to your overall performance in your high school, then perhaps ask them. Just remember, that the job of the counselor in the college admissions process is to make sure all the 10 or 20 schools you are applying to get timely copies of your transcripts, updates to your transcripts, submit school profiles with stats and demographics, and test scores and be available to clarify any questions they may have, and sometimes they are called upon to submit recommendations.

I would consider looking at the Coalition Application. Although they do not cover 900+ college buy 140+, the fee waiver process is much simpler and streamlined.

Good Luck.


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