3 years ago
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Have I done enough for my freshmen and sophomore year?

I understand that colleges want to see people challenge themselves throughout their high school years, but I fear that I havn't been. Dream Major: Political Science, Current GPA: 4.0 (unweighted), 4.66(weighted), Rank 123/470

-My freshmen year, only 1 AP class was available and that was APUSH. I didn't take that course, and just took American Studies honors. That year I took 4 honors courses and 4 regular courses to fullfill graduation requirements.

-I have only devoted my time to 2 extracurriculars this year. Participated in 2 shows throught the year and have created several worldwide events online where multiple people participated in. Before 9th grade, in 8th grade I was apart of student council and was vice president for 1 year and also particpated in 2 shows in theatre.

-In my sophomore year, again only 1 AP course was offered and it was AP Government. I didn't take it and took Government honors because I was scared. I took 7 honors classes this year, 2 regular classes, and 1 college course (pre-calc, 10 week).

-Ec's. Devoted my time to create a large online event world wide where hundred of people particpated in, was apart of 2 shows, 1 leadership role in student council, mock trial, 2 national awards, became a journalist, tutored, phonebanked on compaigns, and researched policies and sent them to people in office.

-Junior year is coming up and I plan to take 6 ap courses. ( AP Phscology, AP comparative Gov, AP US Gov, AP Macro, AP lang and AP World)

-EC's basically continue what I did the last years but for student council I am moving onto state level, and I also got an online job to research policies, plan to be apart of honor societies this year.

-Senior year: idk


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3 years ago

Your GPA looks very good but your rankings tell a different story. You are not in the top 25%ile of your High School. Academically, I think you should try to be at least in the top 10%. Your GPA is impressive but your school ranking tells me that there is a huge GPA inflation in your school.

Extracurricular-wise, I think you are doing great! Since you have 2 years still, try developing a niche (people call it spike) if you can.

It's okay that you didn't take the AP classes offered to you in Freshman and sophomore year (since they're only 2) but do take rigorous courses from now on and try to excel in them. You still have time and a solid shot at a lot of universities.

Hope this helps!

3 years ago

I think you’re doing great!!

1. Junior year is the most important year

2. You should only take AP classes in subjects that relate to your major and that you are interested in

3. You should not have tons of ECs, having 2-3 quality ECs is all you need to get into a t20 school! Continue those and getting new accomplishments so colleges can see you are improving! I would not recommend increasing APs or starting new ECs now, just continue what you’ve started!

4. Class rank is low, so try working on taking less APs and managing your time in a way that will improve your grades. Also, remember to build relationships with your teachers so you can ask them for recs later on!

Hope this helps!

3 years ago

It doesn't matter if you did enough during your first two years of high school. You can't go back and fix it, so don't waste your time worrying about what might have happened if you had done more.

Focus on improving your class rank and doing well on those AP tests if you are wanting to get into a top school. Going from taking zero AP classes to six in one year will be a challenge, but with proper time management skills, you should survive :)

I think your ECs would look really good on a resume! Good luck next year!!!

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