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What would be a proper major for someone interested in business with cosmetic intent.

I'm a rising senior with a massive interest in business/enteprenurial studies. I go to a tech school and I'm going to be testing for my cosmetology license this year. I plan on starting my own skincare line and becoming an esthetician. So for when I go to college I'm debating on doing business adminstration with a minor in something cosmetic like (cosmetic science, chemistry) or business administration with a minor in finance so I know how to handle my money. The problem is I plan on going to esthetician school the second or third year of college part time(part time=8-10 months, full time 4-6 months), so would the cosmetic science or whatever relating to that really be necessary? And are there other good majors for business other than those basics?


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3 years ago

Ok, kind-of a lot in this post so I'll address your questions first and then offer some thoughts. I think it's going to be difficult to find somewhere that you can major in business admin and minor in cosmetic science. It's probably going to be easier to do business admin and chemistry or business admin and finance if those are the things you're interested in.

Also, if you plan on going to school full time and then plan on starting esthetician school part-time I think that's going to be really really challenging even if it's for less than a year. Is it not possible to do esthetician school once you graduate? Or, if you want to do it sooner, over the summer while you don't have college classes? The last thing you'll want is to get overwhelmed with work and have your grades suffer. Not to mention if you aren't able to pass a class because of the workload that's even more time + money you'll need to spend on school. Maybe you don't get much work in esthetician school but this is just something to think about. If you're definitely planning on esthetician school then I also don't think you need to minor in cosmetic science.

Another major you could consider is entrepreneurship but you do learn significantly different things than a business major. And I'm not sure how valuable an entrepreneurship major is if your business plan doesn't work compared to having a business degree. Also, I would highly recommend checking out this program from the University of Toledo. It sounds like it's almost exactly what you want: https://www.utoledo.edu/Programs/undergrad/Cosmetic-Science-and-Formulation-Design. You learn to develop, formulate, and produce cosmetics and personal care products and you can pair that with a minor in business admin, marketing, sales, international business, etc. AND you can get your masters in just one extra year which could be nice.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have questions.

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