3 years ago
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Have I done enough my first three years of high school?

I’m a rising senior and I’m afraid I haven’t done enough to get into the schools I want.

I’m majoring in biology or a major related to biology.

Unweighted GPA is 3.74 and weighted is 4.01. (My school doesn’t have ranks) My highest SAT is 1280 and my superscore is 1370 (I might take it one more time senior year, but if not I’ll probably go test-optional)

So far I’ve taken about 10 or 11 honors classes and 1 AP class which was APUSH. My school only offers 6 AP classes so I’ll most likely take 2 or 3 more my senior year. I’m also currently taking a college class in microbiology at Cornell where I’ll receive a transcript.

In terms of extracurricular and things like that, I currently have two jobs, I played soccer in freshman and sophomore year, and I was in two clubs both of those years as well. I’m also in the Questbridge program. I was in a medical program at CUNY the City college and the summer Pre-college program at Cornell I previously mentioned. If internships are made available again at my school, I’ll also try to intern at a hospital.

I feel like I haven’t done enough to get into my dream school (Johns Hopkins) or my next two top choices (Cornell or Columbia).

Does anyone have advice for how I can improve or is it too late?


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3 years ago

I agree, you are on the low side for UWGPA, WGPA (course rigor), and SAT scores. I don't think you have a good chance at JHU or Columbia.

When you say Questbridge, is that the QB College Prep or QB Match program?

One of the best things you should do right now is getting a "Matriculate counselor" who will help you plan out the rest of your summer and senior year. It should only take 30 minutes to apply and if you qualify, someone will be assigned to you. I heard about this from another QB person who used Matriculate and QB to get into an IVY school on youtube.



I feel since they specialize in working with high achieving, low-income, first-gen HS students who use QB or Posse or other community service orgs., they would know best how your application stacks up against other kids applying to those exact schools.

You're a special case and I don't think it would be useful to hear my opinion or that of others on here who are perhaps from other demographics and different circumstances.

Good luck!

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