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Is this class schedule acceptable?

Would You say my overall schedule is rigourous enough for a top school? (School offers 27 APs, but only offered 2 APS[AP US history and AP Gov) for 9th and 10th graders) Grade Inflation, school weighs honors classes the same as AP classes.

9th (4 honors classes, 4 regular class(required for graduation)

-English 9 honors

-Earth Science honors

-Algebra 1 honors

-US studies 2 honors

-4 other regular courses required for graduation

10th(6 honors classes, 2 regular classes, 1 college course)

-Theatre 2

-Spanish 2

-Spanish 3 (honors)

-English 10 honors

-Biology honors

-Chemistry 1 honors

-Geometry honors

-Government honors

-Algebra 2 honors

-Precalculus (10 week, taken over the summer at community college)

11th grade (plans to do 6 APs+ 1 college course over the summer)

12th grade (plans to do 6 APs)

Unweighted GPA: 4.0

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Which grade are you entering this year?

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I just read your previous post where you stated pretty much the same thing. So I deleted my very long answer because in this post you do not tell the reader what grade you are going into. I thought you are going into 10th but you are an 11th grader from your previous post.

My advice to you is to is:

-take 4-5 APs during 11th grade and try to get 4/5s on the AP tests so you can get an AP Scholars award with distinction, which should improve your class rank a little. I'm not sure you have enough time to go from top Quartile to top decile.

-make sure you have a high SAT or ACT test score so do whatever you can this summer and next to get your test prep done.

-make sure you have enough impressive ECs and leadership positions, I would join a sport for the next 2 years, that will set you apart since most HS student are not doing that.

-make sure you have ample time to work on your college applications.

In conclusion, since you are running out of time to get your course rigor up to get be a top 10% graduate from your HS, I really think focusing on your ECS and essays and standardized test scores will be more important than loading up on APs at this point. 12th-grade APs are not as important as 11th-grade APs, the test scores will not be reported and AOs only see 1/2 of your grades for APs. So they can't make up for the rest of your academic gaps in course rigor.

Good Luck.


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