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how do i enter my second act scores? will colleges superscore?

I am having trouble adding my second ACT score. How do I input it? Will schools automatically superscore?

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3 months ago[edited]

If you are using the COMMON APP or COALITION APP, both will ask you how many past scores you wish to report. For either the SAT or ACT, you can choose 0,1,2,3,4,5 reports. Then both will ask you to report your Highest Composite Score/Date (so do that). Then they will ask Highest English/Date (so do that). Then they will ask Highest Math/Date (so do that). Then both will ask you to report your Highest Reading Score/Date (so do that). Then they will ask Highest Science/Date (so do that). Then they will ask your Highest Essay Score/Date (do that if you have taken the essay). And they will ask if you plan on taking it again in the future.

There is no place to input more than 1 complete set of ACT scores which are 6 inputs (composite, eng, math, reading, science, essay writing). So you have to look at your individual reports and just follow the instructions on the Common or Coalition app. You might have 2 to 3 different dates on each of the sections depending on how consistent you were, or in my case, I just put in my highest composite which also was my highest for all the other 5 scores.

By doing this, you (not the Common or Coalition app) are entering your superscore. And then the colleges are just verifying that you actually have that superscore. If for some reason the college doesn't super score the ACT like Harvard, then they will just look at the Official ACT report you directly sent to the college (s).

Hope that is clear and you can complete the task.


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