3 years ago
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Is it okay if I give this in my art supplement?

A client commissioned me to design a poster for an album which looks really beautiful but it is an 18+ album so the poster has the "18+" sticker on it.

Also, I have written on the poster- "Make love, make art, make out, make money". (Don't judge me. It was a RnB love song album). I wanted to include this in my art supplement because

a) The client doubled his payment because of how beautiful it was.

b) Everyone of my friends say that it's really good looking.

c) Guys on a designing discord server say that it's 'industry-standard'

Will it be appropriate for me to include it? (It doesn't have any profane pictures. Just an 18+ sticker and the quote "Make love, make art, make out, make money."

(I am not applying for an arts major).

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3 years ago

I think you should submit it.

The admissions officers are full-grown adults. Imo, what the poster says is not going to be a problem. Colleges are very liberal these days.

As long as the poster itself is completely not profane, I think you’re good to submit it. If it has anything on it profane, I would ask the admissions office of the office you’re applying to directly, or speak with a counselor or somebody that’s worked with art portfolios in the college app process.

Hope that helps! Remember that this really is just my opinion though so if you’re still doubtful, I would talk to somebody that’s worked with art portfolios and college apps more. (:

3 years ago

Any chance you can remove the 18+ sticker and put something in its place? If not, I think it's fine so long as there's nothing inappropriate in the artwork. If you do leave it on, you might look for a place in the supplement where you can explain what it's doing there.

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