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Which class should I take? And are my following plans managable(Asking for opinions)?

Dream Major: Political Science and Humanities

Junior Year

-AP US Gov

-AP Comparative Gov

-AP Language and Composition

-AP World

-AP Macro

-AP Psychology

Senior year

-AP Literature

-AP US History

-Which would be best to take: AP Human Geo or AP Spanish or AP Computer Science Principals or AP Enviromental Science?

-AP Stat

-AP Micro


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5 months ago

I would limit AP classes to a max of 2-3. if you haven't taken AP classes before I would do only one and see if you think you could do more in your senior year, but if you've done AP classes before and think you can do more than 3 do it if you want.

5 months ago

You’re good. I don’t have have of these things at my school; still, you show you’re definitely ready for hard work.

5 months ago

If you are planning on majoring in PolySci/Humanities at an Ivy League University, taking up to 12 APs during your last 2 years of HS makes sense only if you have at least 6 to 8 Tier C and D ECs, preferably a mixture of leadership, community service, political, and sports.

But aren't taking a lot of APs really important?

1.) All Ivys use a holistic evaluation method and APs are only 1 component of up to 200+ criteria attributes on their scorecards.

2.) If you load up with APs, which are very hard classes you may find yourself with little or no time to do the following:

-SAT/ACT test prep



-Independent research

-Club ECs

-Leadership Activities

-Community Service/Volunteering

3.) If you take for example Harvard which is clearly the hardest school to get into (besides Columbia and Princeton, all under 4.00% acceptance rate), you will only get college credit for the following APs if and only if you get a 5 on the AP exam: AP Lit/Lang, AP USH, AP Micro/Macro, AP Stat, so you wouldn't get any credit for 1/2 of your APs even if you get a 5. And I will share that getting 5s on AP Lit, AP Lang, AP USH are low percentiles of test-takers, 9%, 12%, and 13%. And at schools like Brown, APs do not reduce your total graduation credit requirements, they are primarily used for placement in higher-level coursework

If you have the following I think it's perfectly fine to take 12 APS

a.) a 99th %percentile SAT/ACT score to submit

b.) 6-10 C, D, E Extracurriculars in alignment with your spike or major.

c.) Top 5% Class rank

d.) Evidence of intellectual curiosity or vitality

e.) Challenged yourself with the most difficult classes available in your high school. According to Harvard, this should include 1 advanced Science course with a lab (AP Preferable, European History (AP preferable). And most Ivy admits have taken Calculus a good portion have taken maths beyond Calculus so you should seriously consider taking that. And Harvard wants to see 4 years of a foreign language so continuing with Spanish 4 or AP Spanish is something to consider.

Good luck.

5 months ago

Of these, I would recommend AP Spanish. Having four years of a language looks good, and learning other languages can come in useful if you want to practice law.

Otherwise I would take AP Human Geography because it relates to humanities, though not so much political science.

APES is very interesting, but a difficult AP test to pass.

I would not recommend AP Comp Sci because it does not relate to your major and can blur the vision you are trying to portray to admissions officers.

Hope this helps!

5 months ago

Hey Ivybeam! I just finished my junior year taking every AP course my school offered for me. I, like you, have big goals and thought taking a large amount would benefit me. However, your junior year is typically going to be your busiest year from the get-go so make sure you are taking into account things like extra-curriculars and clubs, tests such as the SAT and ACT, and community scholarships. That said, I would definitely take AP US Gov and AP Psych as both seem most in tune with your dream major. AP Language and Composition is a fairly easy course if you enjoy writing and analyzing the components of a good essay. Really any course that you are typically proficient in would not hurt to take but make sure you find a balance between the courses and the other things you are going to need down the road. I hope this was helpful :)


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