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2 years ago
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Internships/Research Programs/Labs for Enviro. Science?

Hi! Happy May!

As a junior in high school, I've been thinking about what I could do to possibly stand out on my college applications. I've done some research and have found that for my interests in particular, environmental studies, there are usually a bunch of summer programs throughout the U.S. that focus on the environment. There are summer camps, internships, research programs.. the list is endless.

I've realized that many of the deadlines for the applications have passed now, and that with the onset of a pandemic, many of these events may be cancelled. So I actually have two questions: are there any environmental programs that are still accepting applications, and what can I do in the event that I am not able to physically attend any program?

Thank you!

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Accepted Answer
2 years ago

Although summer programs in which you pay to attend can be fun and interesting experiences, they will likely not help your application stand out because of their high price tags. To be more original, you could try creating your own research question and doing experiments outside to answer it. Another idea is to create a blog (which is easy for you to show to colleges) about your interest. What if you went vegan for a week and documented your experience as well as the benefits to the environment through your blog? This way, you would be showing your own curiosity and motivation to explore on your own, and there would be no threat of it being canceled.

2 years ago

Start a club on your own! Get people to join, put fliers out. Get in contact with the organizers and ask if they need any extra help.


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