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Which is easier Apush or AP Chemistry or Ap Bio or AP Calc

Asking for opinions.

@hraj5 months ago [edited]

Here is from easier to hardest —Apush, AP bio, AP chem, AP calc BC

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5 months ago[edited]

AP USHistory is easier than AP Chemistry

AP Bio is easier than AP Calc A/B or Calc C/B

I don't think you will get any other answer unless someone is a STEM genius.

5 months ago

From my experience, APUSH was less stressful than AP Bio (and easier). My two older sisters took AP Calc. My oldest sister took AB and wished she took BC (the harder class), and my other sister took BC and enjoyed it, but the teacher they had was one of the best math teachers in our school. The sister who took BC Calc had a lot of hard work, but she was never really stressed about doing well on the test. I don't know about AP Chem, but IB Chem was probably the hardest class I've taken. Hope that helps!!!


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