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Should I take AP US History or AP Psychology

I am a rising sophomore student and currently my subjects are

Sophomore year


English 2 honors


AP Chemistry

AP US history


Spanish 3 honors

Fundamentals of dance

9th grade summer I completed Cognitive neuroscience Honors course from UC Berkeley/ATDP. I feel I have covered a large part of AP Psychology. I would like to know if I should swap AP US History with AP Psychology. I plan to take IB Diploma Junior and senior year and wondering if I should take IB Psychology HL in junior/senior year and keep the current schedule.I know I can manage AP Chem but unsure about AP US History. I am interested to pursue neuroscience/STEM research/Premed (havent made up my mind yet)

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4 months ago

If you are doing IB diploma program, the first year of HL History fulfills the requirements for the APUSH class, so don't take APUSH, take AP Psych. I took IB HL History this year and took the APUSH test. I got a 5 on APUSH, so the IB class was at least a good enough amount of prep for me!


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