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Staying in dorms expenses

I’m going in to my third year at Sacramento state. I want to move in to dorms. I was wondering if FAFSA would cover for my dormitory expenses.

I live with my parents but they stress me out so I’m trying move out. I work on campus too. So I wondering if I can get some financial aid help for dorms.

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5 months ago

The money you get from FAFSA could be used to cover any college expense, but as far as I am aware, the FAFSA will likely not cover the full cost of attendance and you will have to find another way to pay for the rest of it. Hope that helps!!!

5 months ago

The current maximum Pell Grant is $6,495 for the 2021-22 school year. Tuition at Sacramento State is about $8000 with fees and room and board is about $16,000, and they estimate books, supplies, transportation and personal expenses another $4,000. So add that up and that's $28,000.

When you get your bill from your school, I don't think the bursars offices lets you personally pick and choose what part of the bill you want your Pell Grant to apply to. They just apply whatever you are entitled for to the entire bill as well as any other financial aid, minus your parental contribution, work study, etc. Your portion is determined by the school and if you live on campus in a dorm, you will get a statement before you can matriculate this Fall of what you and your family have to come with so you can live on campus.

My advise with you is to communicate with Sacracmento State's financial aid office as soon as possible. They will tell you what your options are. I don't know what the legal ramifications are for you but in my state I know that my parents are on the hook for college until I'm 21.

I think if you were to go throught some legal process to make you an independent adult that receives zero financial support from your parents and can show the college you are alone in the world, they would work with you on a solution. But without contacting the Financial Aid office, you will not find out what your options are.

Good luck.


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