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If I would like to be a physician assistant what type of colleges in Massachusetts offer a 6 year program to be one.

I'm a sophomore in high school and would like to be a physician assistant I would just like to learn more about college life itself ad the courses I will be taking.

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3 months ago

Hi! Im a senior in high school and i’m going to be going to be a physician assistant. my recommendation is to find a PA, RN or MD to shadow to make sure this is what you want to do before everything, i changed my career paths multiple times and finally fell in love with PA. I’m not so sure about the colleges in Mass but it is a smart idea to find one that has a program where you have a seat in the program during your freshman year of college it’s so less stressful! the classes you’ll probably take are biology, gross anatomy, organic chemistry, some other bio classes, didactics year and clinical year at the end.


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