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How to improve my ACT score?

I am an international student giving the ACT via a computer. My current score is a 29. I have a 26 in English, 30 in Math, 24 in Reading, and 35 in Science. How do I get to a 35? What is the best prep strategy for me right now? And what is the best strategy for attempting the reading section on a computer?

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3 months ago

Currently your English/Reading is a 82% percentile raw score and a 74% percentile raw score. And your Math is an 94% and Science 99% raw score.

There are only 3 main sections where you can improve. I think it's also important to get your Math score up since most international applicants have both a high Math and Science score, usually Math higher than Science. So you want to end up with a 34/36 or a 35/36 on Math Science.

On English/Reading you really need 34s. Getting your English/Reading up 8-10 points, will be very diffficult. Personally I think you should subcribe to a online test prep service since self studying has not produced the results you are looking for. I don't know what your final scores might look like but since reading is very difficult for that might be your weakest score in the end.





Also, don't minimize the important of taking the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo Tests for English proficiency, you want like 105+, 7.5+, 125+ scores on 1 of those.

Good Luck.


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