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How do I reset my profile on college vine’s school finder (chancing engine) if my stats have changed?

How can I reset my academic profile when finding target schools in college vine? Thanks!

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Thanks for the detail!

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2 years ago

You can click on 'Profile' on the top left panel of your screen (if using a laptop or computer), then you can update any information you need to update. There should be three sections on the top of your screen labeled 'Basic information', 'Chancing profile', and 'Financial profile'. You can click on 'Chancing profile' to update your academic profile if you need to. Also always remember to scroll all the way to the bottom and press the blue 'save' button to save your changes. Hope this helped :)

2 years ago

Just go to the chancing profile and update your scores and other data and you should be set.


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