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Am I On the Right Track if I am Pursuing to go to Yale?

I'm a rising sophomore and currently, my nonweighted GPA is a 4.0, my unweighted GPA is- I actually don't know lol but my percent grade weighted is 98.81. My school doesn't have a class rank.

My Freshman Courses were:

English 1 & 2

Biology Honors

Chemistry Honors

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Human Geography

Geometry Honors

Mandarin 1 & 2 Honors

Health & Gym

Passed AP courses

My Sophomore Definite Courses are:

PREAP English 3 & 4

Mandarin 3&4 Honors

Trig & Algebra II

Regents Physics


Probable Courses:

AP Chemistry

AP Physics

And I'm self-studying AP Psychology.

My 9th-grade Extracurriculars:

Member of club

Board Member of a club

Attended and won group dance competitions at both regional and state levels.

I'm trying to create a club in 10th grade. I sent out club proposal, hopefully gets approved.

Thank you for your time

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Your grades look great! I would do the following steps in any order:

1. Start studying for the ACT/SAT, some schools let students take them early so do that if possible

2. Continue to take AP classes but only in subjects that interest you! (ie: interested in premed —> AP Chem, AP Bio, AP Calculus). This applies to all the classes you take: they should relate to the theme/major you want to show the college you are interested in

3. Start thinking about what you would like to major in and work in career wise

4. Once you decide what major you want to peruse, come up with the most important characteristic you would like to portray to Yale (ie: someone I know starting a club to raise awareness about mental health, she want to be a doctor)

5. Influence your community in a large with with your extracurriculars. You might want to narrow them down to 3-4 so you can dedicate more time to each. Ideally you should have one club that is related to your major, one related to your passion, and one passion project that brings both together

Since Yale is extremely competitive, definitely compile a list of other schools that you would genuinely enjoy going to. You obviously have time, but it wouldn’t hurt to start early! Using a spreadsheet has proven to be the best method of tracking schools and the average stats for each. Separate them into Reach, Target, and Safety schools.

Let me know if this helps!


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