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What to do if you your stuck on what you should write about for common app

I'm a rising senior with my college list laid out, SAT's done, and rec letters in the making. Despite me being a hard and dedicated student throughout highschool I have a 3.2 GPA and an 850 SAT Score which hinders me in the college application process(along with every extensive extracurriculars). Now that junior year is over, it's all on my essays and rec letters. I think I'm having what they call writers block. This is going to make or break my application. Any ideas?

Here are my list of schools if it'll help in anyway

Howard University (reach)

Morgan State University (target)

NCAT (target)

Bowie State university (target)

Fayetteville University (safety)

University of the District of Columbia (safety

Delaware University (safety)

Rutgers University (safety)

Rowan University (safety)

Temple University (safety)

Stockton University (safety)


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4 months ago

Couple things. You definitely have time to study and improve on your SAT if you decide to do so. If you use the rest of the summer to study I think it's entirely possible to improve your score to at least 1000 but if you work hard it could go much higher. Second, if you decide not to take the SAT again then you can always apply test-optional. Currently I imagine in more cases than not you will want to apply without submitting your test scores at this point.

In terms of what to write about it's going to be hard for anyone to suggest topics for you because your topic needs to relate to you and your experiences. You need to pick something which tells a story while also letting the admissions officer get to know you as a person. Whether that's through describing a challenging situation that happened to you and how you overcame it or writing about something unique you need to make sure that your essay clearly paints a picture of who you are as a person.

4 months ago

1. STUDY FOR THE SAT. If you have free time, use it to study for the SAT on Khan Academy (or some other test prep site)!

2. For your question on what to write:

What are you passionate about? What sets you apart from everyone else? What makes you special? What challenges in your life have molded you into the person you are today?

After choosing your topic ask yourself: WHY DOES IT MATTER? WHY SHOULD THE READER CARE?


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