2 years ago
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Any recommendations on an internship or some kind of program in nyc?

I want to major in engineering or computer science. I think one way to boost my application and help me figure out what I want to do is to gain some experience through an internship or some kind of program. I have had a hard time finding something near me or affordable. I live in New Jersey near New York!! Any recommendations on an internship or some kind of program that can help me put into my application and get the attention of colleges?

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2 years ago

right now there probably isn't much, since i'd imagine most programs at firms or big companies for this summer are closed or canceled in the ny/nj area. what i would do is look at local colleges to see if they might have programs available in CS or something engineering-related, as that might be your best bet to find something that's still going (though probably online).


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