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Can you take the SAT multiple times?

If so, should you? Is it smart? I am a freshman and I want to know how to prepare myself best for college applications.

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• 2 years ago

Yes, you can, and yes you should.

I personally took the SAT twice, but you can take up to three times without seeming like you spend too much of your life on tests. Taking the SAT multiple times has a variety of advantages:

1) Improving your score. I took the SAT twice and improved my score by 40 points to 1520. I know people who took the SAT the first time and got a 1200 and then got a 1450+ on their second try. I would advise against retaking for a higher score once you hit around 1530 or above.

2) Superscore. This is when colleges take the higher score for each section. So if you get a 1400 both times, but the first time you get 750 math and 650 English and the second time you get a 650 math and a 750 English, they will combine your score to 1500. Not all colleges do this.

• 2 years ago[edited]

You can sit for the SAT as many times as you want.

You should sit for the SAT for the first time and after you get your results you can decide if you are satisfied by how you did or if you want to sit for it again to improve your score.

Some colleges accept your superscore. If you have taken the SAT at least 2 times then your superscore is your best Writing score + your best Math score.

I wanted to sit for the SAT more than once. I was planning on taking it this March and then again in May. Now I can't because the SAT is cancelled until August. That means I am going to be on a tighter and more stressful schedule this fall. If you have the chance to take it more than once and feel like you can do better the next time than the previous one then do it. It will only benefit you. No one will ask you for your lowest score if you were worried about that.

• 2 years ago

you can definitely take it multiple times, and it's smart to do so because you can improve your score between sittings. just don't take it more than three times—after that point, it'll have a negative effect because colleges will think you were just taking it over and over to randomly try and get a good score.


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