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Do I need to submit two school reports if I have changed my High School after 10th?

I studied in different High Schools (9th and 10th in one; 11th and 12th in the other). Will I need to submit two school reports to the colleges or I can just submit the school report of my current high school (the one where I studied 11th and 12th)?

Also, in the school report, the counselor has to write class ranks, GPAs, etc. Which grade's (9th or 10th or 11th or 12th) rank, GPA, etc should the counselor write?

(I'm asking these questions because my school doesn't know how to write a school profile and school report so I have to write it myself and get it verified and signed by the principal of the school)


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3 years ago


I think it is a good idea to submit transcripts from both schools so that colleges can view your progress. Some colleges will require it. For the report it should be ok to just submit from your most recent school as with your transcript they should be able to speak to your progress.

For your GPA colleges are normally interested in current GPA at time of report and rank at time of report. But grades from the last three years should be included. A brief description of your school is also required. The school report being separate from the recommendation is a new requirement so I would look into this website and other similar ones to find out more of what is required.


3 years ago

You will probably have to submit the school report from both your old current school. I also think your counselor would have to include all grades because a transcript that you submit to college will usually have all the class and grades you got throughout high school. Then during the school year, your counselor would send the mid year transcript for 12th grade.

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