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Should I do an extra application for a scholarship from a safety school?


The Master's University (a safety school for me) invited me to fill out a separate application for their President's scholarship. I have the SAT scores and GPA for it, but it requires another essay and application and I'm so tired of filling out applications and writing essays. I'm also really busy with school, sports, etc. Will I need this scholarship? Is it worth filling out the application?


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Do it. Use an essay you've already written for a different college. You should always try to get more money for college as you don't want to be in debt.

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It seems like it can't hurt ..except that you're busy and tired of applications. Given that this is a safety school, it is largely dependent on how likely you are to actually attend the school. If you think you are likely to attend the school, apply for the scholarship. If the scholarship is transferable (i.e., you receive the scholarship but end up going to a different school and can use it there), then definitely apply! You could take an essay written for another college or scholarship and tweak it to fit this one. Best of luck to you.