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I was looking through my chances for my dream schools, and my GPA as well as my classes looked strong, but the extracurricular category was lacking. I do not know what to do to this year to add to it.

Any thoughts?

Edit: I will major in Creative Writing.

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@unior3 months ago

What is your intended major? Without an intended major, nobody can give you any advice on what ECs you can and should do this year.

@Kavya_Karthik3 months ago [edited]

Well you should get some volunteering down, before you graduate hs as it will give you more of a chance among peers. This year I am volunteering at a site that resells items and uses that profit to build houses for people in downtown Ohio. So colleges will look at that and consider me someone to recruit for college. You could also do a bit of sports.

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3 months ago

I'm going to give some ECs that will help you.

-Editor in Chief of your HS Newspaper

-Editor of your HS Creative Writing Journal, if your school doesn't have one, start one.

-Community service at your City Public Library.

-President of your community book club

-Write freelance OPEDs for your local community newspaper

-Enter your best creative writing pieces in the hundreds of contests and try to get an award.

-Start a BLOG for your creative writing

-If you are very ambitious, write a collection of short stories and publish them using amazon self-publishing.

-Start a youtube channel about creative writing.

-Get a paid internship for a publishing company

I've done most of these things and it worked for me. Good luck.

3 months ago

I think that you should do some extracurricular activities that highlights the creative and artistic side of you. For example, since you want to major in Creative Writing, why not search up some literary magazines to submit to? I know that Twitter is swimming in those.

3 months ago

Hi @Camern

For your ECs you plan on majoring in Creative Writing so I suggest you volunteer as that can work regardless of your major and be a part of ECs that include your major for me I compete in UIL (University Interscholastic League) for Science, Maths and Spelling and I know there is a Creative Writing competition so find your way and lastly try reading this article by CollegeVine. Good Luck!!!



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