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AP Music Theory or AP Computer Science

Hello! I am faced with a road block with selecting my courses. I am debating between AP CS and AP Music Theory. I am taking intro to cs and so I am prepared for AP CS should I choose to take it. I also play the piano and take theory based examinations, so I am prepared for AP Music Theory. I'm not really sure what I want to take, and what will look better. I am going to apply pre-med and to bs/md programs. Any advice? Also, below is my courseload for anyone that wants to know

classes: ap stats, apes, ap chem, ap gov, dual enrollment english, ap cs/music theory, stem magnet school elective


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• 2 years ago

There really isn't a yes-or-no answer to this—both are similarly difficult classes when judged by the rate at which people score 3s, 4s, and 5s on their exams, and colleges don't really look at AP classes by "difficulty" anyway. It's more about the overall amount you take. So the basic advice is to just take the one that fits closer to your interests, or the one that you feel you might do better in.

To go into a little more depth, what would your major be? (since pre-med is only a track—you can do it from any major.) Would you just be doing Bio or Chem, or have you thought about doing a less common major? If you think you'd want to go a science route—like Physics, Bio, or Chem, CS would probably be useful to give you some programming knowledge and expertise. But if you're really interested in music and music theory, there would be no harm in choosing that over AP CS from an application standpoint.

In general, colleges look for a cohesive area of interest on someone's application. And since neither of these are immediately applicable to medicine (both might tangentially be—with medical technology/music therapy, for instance), you have some freedom here to just take the one that you'd rather take.

• 2 years ago

Hmm since you're applying to pre med, it doesn't really matter what you choose. For example, I want to major in computer science so I would choose AP CS. However, I would recommend to choose what you're most interested in!! Also quick question, is AP Chemistry hard?


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