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I have scored 4 on two APs, that I self Studied, should I report them?

I decided to self study for my APs, I got 5 on every mock tests, but then suddenly the exam was digital, because of COVID 2nd wave. This was my first Online test, and I lacked confidence, however, I got 4 on both of them(phy C and Chem) although I expected 5 on chemistry. I am worried if I should submit my scores to the colleges. I wish to apply to all top colleges and ivy leagues, that's the only option how I can actually go out to study abroad.

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5 months ago

Hello! This is a very good question. From my perspective, given that you had the initiative to self study for these tough exams when your school did not offer them, that is an achievement in itself. For AP chemistry, keep in mind that in 2021, 10.6% got a 5 and 18.6% got a 4 (according to Collegeboard). This, compared to others, means that AP Chemistry is a tough class on its own, not to mention the fact you self studied for it. A 4 on an exam where you did not even take the class would not really negatively impact your application. It would also be nice to show colleges your results of hard work. For AP physics c, I do not think I would, as about 40% of students got a 5. This is completely up to you. Hope this helped!

5 months ago

Hi @lionking

First of all congratulations as these are 2 subjects that are very tough and the fact you self-studied and got a 4 is commendable I would say report them both as they are amazing scores regardless of the fact of how many other applicants got a 5 put it in because this year has been tough on us all if you look at this years score distributions they have been big declines in scores with the highest percent of 2s being 40%. Some people might tell you don't report it is worth it if you get a 5 but don't report them because this is the hard work that you are trying to show people in admissions. Good Luck!!! Wishes for your future endeavours


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