3 years ago
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I am going to be a junior(hs) in August, and I am wondering what other medical-career based classes I should take

Classes I am taking junior year:

- AP/IB Literature and Comp

- Honors Algebra II

- Honors AP Physics

- Pre AP Spanish

- Standard Government

- AP Psychology

- Anatomy & Physiology I and II

I am also going to join:

- HOSA(A club for students who want to be future health professionals - who get a scholarships & awards when they win competitions)

- NHS(National Honor Society)- an organization for high schoolers that promotes leadership, service, character, and scholarship.(provides assistance for the college application process, strengthens application and options, and opens students up to scholarships)

Please let me know what other classes I should take. I already took Health in 9th grade and Biology in 9th grade as well.

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@Texas_Student3 years ago

Are you taking IB English or AP English? If IB English, are you taking SL or HL?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Kavya_Karthik3 years ago

AP English

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3 years ago

Hi @Kavya_Karthik

So there are many good science classes you can take like AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, etc. Find ones that really interest you and not just to take it because then you would be hurting yourself by not doing something you are passionate about. Secondly, I find it great that you join HOSA as a HOSA member it is a good organization and way to compete for scholarships. I disagree with @CameronBameron because NHS is a good organization and its not a ripoff where all are admitted because in my school out of around 1600 seniors only 300 are admitted and to the point of 1/4 its good for everyone. Good Luck!!!

3 years ago[edited]

By the time you graduate High School, I would recommend that you take AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Calculus, and AP Stats. And definitely sign up for the AP exams and strive to get 5s in them, if not, at least 4s. (you may have to take Pre-calc. over the summer to get into Calc Senior year).

NHS is not a very impressive honor for high achieving students these days because there are over 1 million students involved in HNS out of 3.8 Million High Seniors so how can something that rewards 1/4 of all students be that meaningful if you are trying to stand out from the crowd. That's no better than saying you graduated in the Top 25% Quartile when you are trying to get into colleges where most admits are in the Top 5%-10%. It's a good program if you are actually in the middle (25% to 50%) and it helps pad your resume.

Good luck.

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