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How old do you have to be to shadow a PA and where would you go to shadow one?

I'm a Sophmore in high school who is interested in the Pa career and would like to shadow a pa but have some concerns on the requirements and where to shadow one.


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6 months ago

Hey! Great question and major props to you for taking initiative on this as a Sophomore! While I don't think there's necessarily an age requirement to shadow a PA, it would really depend on the medical facility and whether they'd allow it. I'd suggest checking in with your doctor or local hospital for any shadowing opportunities they may have or that they may know of. There may be some restrictions due to COVID/HIPPA so I'd encourage you to also explore online programs, virtual mentorships or any medical related opportunity made available to you. This sort of exposure will help give you some insight on the medical field, meet and network with people in the field and prepare you for when a PA shadowing opportunity comes around!

I've shared a link to medical internships (that include shadowing) and a blog post with detailed steps on how to become a PA to help provide some guidance on your journey! Hope it helps!



6 months ago[edited]

The main question would be about HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - I know, the abbreviation is supposed to go in the parentheses, but...). Basically, HIPAA is a law that prevents doctors/nurses/receptionists/ therapists/etc. from spreading all of your personal business to everyone they know. You might need HIPAA training before shadowing a PA, but I don't know if you could do it at your age. I know that my dad (a therapist) doesn't allow people to shadow him because of HIPAA concerns, but it could still be worth asking local doctors offices about!

I hope that helps!!!


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