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What ECs should I incorporate to get into the Ivy League schools?

Hello! I’m Kripa and I’m from India. I’m a Junior year HS student and I’m planning to major in Economics. It is my dream to get into the top universities like Harvard and Stanford and I’m determined to work hard for it.

Here’s a short description of my academics and extracurriculars:

- I’ve been a straight A student since my 9th grade and always stayed among the top three positions in my school.

- I’m passionate about Literature, Economics, Korean and Japanese language and guitar.

- I did presentations and projects on important topics like globalisation and unemployment in economics. I did lots of self reading as well. I did online MOOCs on EdX and Coursera. I did lots of academic writing. I’ve applied to an online research programme in economics and I’m confident that I would get enrolled.

- As for Literature, I did online courses and collected lots of novels and anthologies to study the evolution of the language and simply indulge into it. I have produced a short film on a Victorian poem which will be presented in my school. I’m hoping to organise a Shakespearean play at my school. I self taught myself Shakespearean and Middle English. I am learning Anglo-Saxon English. I have done academic writing in literature as well.

- Apart from that, I’m self studying Korean and Japanese. I will be writing the TOPIK in 2022. I picked up guitar since the sophomore year.

- I am a part of the TedEd club in my school and we will be recording and uploading my talk in late August or early September.

- I anchored in several important events at my school like the annual event and Christmas events.

- I am self studying for 11 APs (6 in junior year and 5 in senior year).

- I donated food to COVID affected poor for 2 months. I partook in several volunteering like donations to poor students, old age homes, etc. I am planning to initiate my own non profit organisation in August of 2022. I will be applying to multiple paid or unpaid volunteer positions in a week.

- I will be attending an online summer school in 2022. I am planning to become a part of a leadership programme in October of 2022.

- I’m planning to conduct a water survey in my district and submit it to the local and state government.

- I received multiple awards in essay and book review writing competitions and Olympiads. I received the academic excellence award in my middle school.

- I wrote 8 poems, 2 novels, 15 short stories and a drama. These were deeply appreciated by my teachers, family and friends. Unfortunately, my school failed to give them any credit whatsoever.

- I was the prefect of my school house for 2 years.

Unfortunately, I’m neither an international debate winner nor a world class athlete. I live in a small town where we don’t have any local community organisations and my HS doesn’t have any newspaper or any other clubs. We don’t have the permission to initiate any clubs at my school. My high school doesn’t offer honours classes or AP classes. And it doesn’t offer any other ECs. My school doesn’t have a student government. You will not easily get published in India especially if you’re a student.

Would I still get into the top universities? If not, what more should I do in order to make my application look good enough to get accepted? Thank you. Have a great day/ night :)

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