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Hey Folks! Hope all is good at your end. With admissions season coming (and me being the first child to go through the process), I had a question. For Personal Statement essays, people say choose whatever best represents you. But do ivy leagues look for a more specific genre of topics? Ex: do they look for someone who is really focused on their career and uses it to show their personality? Or do they really not care about the topic as long as it's crafted uniquely?

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No admission officer 'looks' for anything in particular (although they do 'like' a few characteristics).

To an audience that reads literally hundreds of application essays every year, your story is unlikely to stand out on writing skill alone. There are probably more published writers in the reject pile at Harvard than the admitted class (they need some scientists too!). A unique story won’t cut it either, because there really isn’t any such thing.

I'd like to capture some of the many paths to a successful college essay through a framework called–SPARC:






Maybe show one or two of these characteristics in your essay.

PS: I copied most of this answer from another website.

Here is the link to that:


(It also elaborately explains the SPARC method so do check it out).

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