2 months ago
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I really want to transfer to University of Miami from FAU. When is the nest time to transfer fall 2022 or spring 2022

I want to increase my chances as much as possible. Also I want to write a strong essay and the topic is basically about what challenge did you overcome that made you who you are now and disciplined. Please help.

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2 months ago

I don't think it really matters when you submit your transfer application. If you are eager to enter UofMiami sooner then do the Nov.1 deadline for Spring vs. the April 1 deadline for fall.

I recommend that you sign up for their Transfer Tuesday's events if you haven't attended one of those already. I'm sure they can answer all the questions you still have about the process.


With regards to your essay, once you have a good draft, submit it through the CV essay review a couple of times to get some unbiased feedback.



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