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If you're applying out of state do you have to do college interviews

Now that covid is lightening up a bit I suspect that colleges will do interviews. I didn't know colleges still do them. Most of the colleges I'm applying to are out of state, and Im applying to 12 schools: 3 of them are in state, the others are 1-3 hours away, and one of them is 6 hours (it's a safety it's just location that makes it a reach). I'm a rising senior and I'm pretty nervous this.

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Sorry 10 schools one is 2 are community colleges just in case something happens

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Victorious4462 months ago

I have 6 safeties, 2 targets, and 1 reach if that helps

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2 months ago

Most colleges are hosting virtual interviews. Type the name of a college and see if they offer virtual interviews.

I suggest everyone to request interviews (unless you are socially very anxious and awkward) because interviews do help most of the time and put your own voice in your application.

PS: If you want to know how impactful interviews are to a specific college, take a look at their CDS (Common Data Set). There, find 'interviews' in a table and it will have info about if they consider it 'very important', 'important', 'considered', or 'not considered'.


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